The Toastery with the Mostery

Food Philosophy

Let’s just say, we saw this all-day breakfast thing years ago. We get that sometimes you want a burger or salad to start your day, an omelet for lunch, or brunch any day of the week. Here, you can have it all, whenever you want it. (Well, at least until we close.)

We also believe food should be both decadent and nutritious, uncompromisingly fresh, and served to order quickly with service that’s as satisfying as the menu. Sure, it’s a tall order, but it’s made us one of the fastest growing restaurants around.

Our Story

Best friends since they were eight years old, Brian Burchill and Robert Maynard share a passion for good times, good food, and the performing arts. Turns out that’s a pretty good combination for the restaurant business.

In 2005, they opened their first Toastery in Huntersville, NC with three more to follow. By 2013, they turned their big idea into a thriving franchise system. Today, nearly 40 Famous Toasteries have popped up along the East Coast with more on the way.

Brian Burchill

Brian Burchill

For Your Community.

Giving back is not only a great way to launch each day; it’s a great way to launch a Famous Toastery. Each time a Famous Toastery opens, we donate 100% of the first two days’ proceeds to local non-profit organizations. This sets a new franchise on a righteously sound road and helps the communities who make our restaurants a success.

Robert Maynard

Robert Maynard

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